• That’s Entertainment!
  • All of our professional DJ's and Emcees have years in the business and will entertain you at your next event. Everyone appreciates the fact that we don’t overplay the room, making it loud isn’t always better. Our state of the art sound system will electrify your next event!
  • Our services include: DJ Entertainment, Boardwalk Photo Booth, Hollywood Red Carpet, Up-Lighting, LCD TV's for video montages, same day edits, dancing on the clouds, and live music
  • DJ / Emcee
  • A team of two professionals, DJ and Emcee will entertain and interact with your guests. Our entertainers won’t embarrass your guests just to get them on the dance floor. We know how to read the crowd and play a variety of music from every decade, music for everyone to enjoy. The volume level will be just right for your room, not too loud. We want to know what you want to hear!
  • Music for your Ceremony & Cocktail Hour
  • We can offer you a Pianist, a flutist or perhaps some sting instruments for your ceremony or cocktail hour. Our DJ can also provide music that's appropriate with your choice of songs.
  • Flat Panel TV's
  • We offer a Photo/Video montage displaying your memories on our state of the art flat panel LED TV's. Photos taken throughout the day are also shown during your reception. Same day edits of your ceremony are also available.
  • LED Room Up-Lighting
  • State of the Art, wireless LED room up-lighting really transforms your already beautiful venue and gives a more dramatic effect, personalizing with color and ambiance. This will also compliment the background of your photos. No wires for your guests to trip over, our lights will change color at your request throughout your event. We can even make the lights change color to the beat of the music!
  • The color choices are infinite!
  • Special Effects & Enhancements
  • Our intelligent lighting (moving head) can really make your dance floor ROCK! We offer lighting that will spotlight your first dance, parent dances, speeches and cake cutting.
  • Our laser light will give you a club vibe!
  • A custom monogram projection can project your monogram or logo on the dance floor or wall at your venue.
  • Have you ever wanted to dance on the clouds? We can create a special effect with harmless water vapor for you and your guests to appear that you are dancing on the clouds!

DJ/Emcee packages Up to 6 hours at your venue. We provide music for your Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception. Dance floor lighting is included in every package. Our most popular DJ/Entertainment package starts at: $2,540

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We are there for you in so many ways. Our clients and their families tell us how thoughtful and unobtrusive we are. The best compliment we can get is when people tell us they didn’t even know we were there. We often hear how we went above and beyond their expectations and how thorough we are. It’s your day and we are very attentive to your needs. You deserve the best there is!