• Live Music for your Ceremony
  • We can offer you live music for your ceremony. A pianist, Violinist, Flutist or a Harpist is a nice touch for your ceremony. Please click on the video to the right to hear some popular music selections.
  • Live Music for your Cocktail hour
  • We can offer you live music for your cocktail hour. A pianist, Violinist ,Harpist or a Saxophonist is a nice touch for your cocktail hour.
  • Live Music for your Reception
  • How about a small set of drums? What about a Saxophonist? Let's get you and your guests on the dance floor.....
  • It's time to dance!
  • Our most popular Live Music package starts at: $395

It’s your day!

We are there for you in so many ways. Our clients and their families tell us how thoughtful and unobtrusive we are. The best compliment we can get is when people tell us they didn’t even know we were there. We often hear how we went above and beyond their expectations and how thorough we are. It’s your day and we are very attentive to your needs. You deserve the best there is!